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The Beginning Illustrator's Guide to Career Success
by Judy Newhouse

Available on Amazon (ISBN: 9780998742908)

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Early praise for

The Beginning Illustrator’s Guide to Career Success

by Judy Newhouse

“A down-to-earth guide for any artist, traditional or digital, interested in understanding the business of illustration. The author delivers valuable insight into acquiring assignments, working with clients, and actually doing the work. She points out pitfalls to avoid along with clever tips that one would only discover through trial and error. This book is like having your own personal mentor to offer practical advice and support.”
~ Doug Smock, Illustrator The Atlantic Monthly

“...Throughout her book Ms. Newhouse compiles real-world scenarios gleaned from her long career as an illustrator. She takes you to meet a prospective client, explains effective communication techniques and gives practical advice on pricing your work. The chapter on “Gathering Reference Material” is a primer on conducting an online search for reference images to accurately depict a scene, portrait or product. The text is packed with practical applications from outfitting the studio to creating a comprehensive sketch. As an illustrator with many years experience and a collegiate instructor in professional development, this wonderful guide to the business of illustration receives my highest recommendation."
~ Glenn Zimmer, Illustration Instructor, Moore College of Art & Design

“This book would be a useful addition to the library of any artist taking a commercial path (illustration and/or design). I also find the fact that the author works back and forth between computer and hand methods to be an innovative approach, and shows that all work does not need to be “either, or”. Each artist will of course find his or her own way, but it’s enlightening to see how someone else works...”
~ Karen Ackoff, Illustrator & Educator, The Smithsonian Institute, The University of the Arts

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